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‘The original’ Sylter salad freshness dressing, since 25 years,
copied by many, this is the original!

Salad freshness dressing ‘original’ • Salad freshness dressing ‘light’ + vegan
Yoghurt salad dressing • Honey-mustard dressing • Garlic yoghurt dressing • Caesar dressing
French dressing • American dressing • Balsamico dressing • Vinaigrette dressing

100% Pure and natural flavoured desserts:  puddings and fruit desserts

Vanilla pudding • Chocolate pudding • Caramel pudding
Red fruit dessert • Cherry dessert • Strawberry-rhubarb dessert
Milk-Rice dessert • The original, real and one-and-only Vanilla sauce

The milk comes straight from the cows of the Zum Dorfkrug farmhouse.  Pure, daily fresh, delicious.


Healthy Noodles, low calorie noodles, for pasta, cold salad and soup.

Kibun also presents excellent premium quality surimi fishpaste products!
FUN! New ways to eat fish proteins.
FOOD! Nutritious premium quality surimi.
FAST! Ready-to-eat in only a few minutes!

Kamaboko • Yasai Tempura • Tamanegi Tempura

Kibun is famous for it’s hotpot and fishpaste products such as Datemaki and Oden.

Fun fact
Did you know that ‘surimi’ means ‘ground fish meat’?!


Sparkling wellness drinks & organic & vegan & gluten-free

JAMU stands for conscious enjoyment and holistic compositions of adaptogens that can positively affect your body, mind and soul.

JAMU No 1 – Beauty booster with superpower
JAMU No 2 – An OM with every sip
JAMU No 3 – Energizer with stimulating effect

JAMU Special BIO CANNABIS DRINK with ginger and curcuma

Also available in combination 3 pack.

Experience your benefits: ayurvedic recipes, 1,000 years of tradition, organic wellness.

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An apple per day, keeps the doctor away

The big five:

1  Premium apple juice
2  Premium orange juice
3  Premium peach juice
4  Premium vitamins juice ACE
5  Premium cocktail juice

The exotic five:

1  Pine apple juice
2  Blue berry juice
3  Fresh cherry juice
4  Multi fruit juice
5  Kiwi-apple juice

The best fruits made into juices and nectars.
1,000+ hours of sunlight in your glass.


Captain Hook’s Smokehouse aims to deliver the finest smoked fish in Asia satisfying the refined expectations of connoisseurs.

Salmon • Wild Halibut • Wild Sword Fish • Wild Yellow Fin Tuna • Wild Marlin • Wild Mackerel • Wild Herring • Rainbow Trout

The story of Captain Hook’s Smokehouse has been a labour of love and a journey just as magical as the adventures of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan – This is a tale of four seafaring men with one unifying passion, fish and helping people enjoy this blessed resource.