Now available for you: several new unique brands and products, brought to you by GoodFood.World. We represent inspiring new brands with solid quality history in several food and drinks categories. All products, textures and flavours in a truly unique eat or drink experience you will never forget, and we know you will tell all your friends about! Many of these brands and products are true AWARD WINNING products, in their home country, or also in worldwide competitions.

We invite you to get to know these brands & products and contact us freely for delicious tasting samples.
You will run no risk trying, but you will surely win a life changing food experience!


You find our office in The Netherlands, between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (15 minutes by car) and Rotterdam seaport (30 minutes by car), in the region of the tulips fields (each year blooming between early march and end of May). We reach The Benelux within 3 hours drive, Berlin in 6 hours drive and Paris within 5 hours. All consumer hot spots within reach.

Our team has more than 25 years working experience in Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, New Business Development in several national and international well-known brands. In a personal conversation we can tell you more about them.

We have substantial many years’ experience and knowledge of multiple cultures in Europe, also all main languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch) are spoken fluently, the best way to make contact and gap the cultural bridge to bring a product on the European markets. This brand and product can also be yours if you are a manufacturer or export manager! On our Principals page you can find more information for manufacturers and exports. Since 1997 we work on many activities to support and promote several brands and products in Europe with great success.


Within our office in The Netherlands 3 organisations are working together:

GoodFood.World ltd  promoting clean label, good food products and brands from the world. Let angelic delicious products touch your tongue and move your senses!?!

Professional Food Innovations ltd advising on marketing, production, logistics for several brands. Advise on communication, packaging for retail or foodservice, social media, also stand for expo’s. Ask us for examples. We have many surprising designs for you.

BadFood.World ltd promoting ‘tongue in cheek’ delicious hedonistic food products from the world. Some foods are not angels, but will give the consumer an excellent eat or drink experience to never forget. We inspire also the naughty side of live, because ‘carpe diem’ is our motto.


We tell you honestly and genuinely, all these brands and products will add value to your food & drink experience. We bet our name on it. Experience food from several countries, cultures, climates, from north-south east or west, the best. All our products are durable, sustainable, made with respect towards nature, animals and humans. Always the most delicious, authentic, natural food products you have ever heard about and hopefully taste soon yourself.

Quality from nature and culture:
Clean Water and Clean Air are the basic ingredients for most clean label products. Other ingredients are derived from the fertile clean soil, mother earth, where the elements are made / cultivated on. The culture will add the finishing touch that adds to your total eat or drink experience.

Our quality assurance for you:
The 2 colours in our GoodFood.World brandname, blue and green, are the 2 recognizable signal colours of GoodFood.World. Meaning water, air and earth. We are 100% serious and focussed on quality assurance. When you see our logo stamp, you know the product is “free from” and “risk free”.

Directly from manufacturer to you:
GoodFood.World does not keep stock, clients in retail or foodservice buy directly from the manufacturers. We support all stages, from introduction, promotion, sales, logistics, yearly review, seasonal actions. GoodFood.World offers only the best. We guarantee excellent quality and good value-for-money. When you see our logo and stamp you know it is the best on the planet.


GoodFoodWorld is a multilingual multicultural sales and marketing organisation based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The company has been established by three multilingual sales experts and market getting specialists each with over 25 years of European sales experience.

We are continuously in direct personal contact with buyers and category managers across the segments of Retail, Foodservice and Industry. We highly value the importance of multicultural markets and maintain thoroughly frequent contacts within the diverse cultural backgrounds like European, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, North-African & Afro-African, Asian and South American. Our up-to-date client database contains 15,000 companies and 12,000 email addresses, with names and contact information of all your potential new clients.


The GoodFoodWorld website is focused on representing the best unique delicious clean label food products and brands. We increase (your) products brand awareness to a maximum in all appropriate channels and markets by e-mail, social media (FB, linked-in), phone and personal contact (networking).

Further we improve on image building, we offer products, concepts, services to the targeted buyers on a monthly basis. Our promotional monthly offers are appealing, inspiring and convincing, thus companies become buyers of your products. After the initial sale has been made by one of our experienced sales persons in any of the Europeans languages and business cultures, we focus on acquiring extra sales and re-sales by turning buyers into loyal ambassadors of your brands and products.


GoodFoodWorld offers a continuously growing strong bridge and a warm network between cultures and sales environments from the-world-into-Europe and between-European-countries, channels and companies. GoodFoodWorld acts as an independent brand evaluation and advisor how to find the most efficient time-to-market.

We help prevent cultural mistakes in communication, we support a closer look to find your golden egg in your unique selling points and how to market them into Europe. All to gain time and manage/minimize costs for brand manufacturers and suppliers (Principals) and their ways to market and sales.

Our earth is the only planet we have and we should make the best of it in all possible ways. Our way is finding, sourcing, bringing together, many clean label, unique, delicious food products and brands. For the improvement of nature, animals, humans, and enjoy the best flavours and eating and/or drinking experience ever. These brands and products you will never forget, all originals!!

Reason for success no. 1

We work most efficiently and effectively using 6 steps from brand awareness to re-sales. Our (your) proven customer tailored communication method guarantees maximum sales of your products and optimal brand loyalty. We plan and work most efficiently by focussing only on growth generating sales leads.

Reason for success no. 2

We have experience and knowledge of Incoterms and also about creating legal entities to maximize tax benefits.

Reason for success no. 3

Our know-how guarantees successful management of the entire sales process and product flow between you and the end consumer.


There are more than 700 million consumers in Europe of which 500 million live in the European Union. Some well-known markets are located around The Netherlands (NL) and Rotterdam seaport:

• The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg 30 million consumers
• Germany, Switzerland and Austria 100 million consumers (east of NL)
• France, Spain, Portugal and Italy 170 million consumers (south of NL)
• United Kingdom, Ireland 65 million consumers (west of NL)
• Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland 20 million consumers (north of NL)
• Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States over 200 million consumers

Our up-to-date EU client database contains 15,000 companies and 12,000 email addresses. Company contacts can be subdivided into 10% retail HQ, 80% foodservice HQ and 10% industry.


We offer a broad range of services enabling your commercial success in the EU. Our specialties: European sales and marketing,international tax benefits & legal entity, 24/7 services, One-stop-shop.

Food Segments, we work in the following segments:
Dry foods • Drinks • Meat products • Seafood products • Frozen food products • Innovative composite food products


• We represent producers of high quality, innovative and delicious food.
• We develop long term relationships in a joined effort to realize mutual goals on EU markets: introduction, promotion, sales.
• And if needed, good brand name development for even better results.
• We are a small, highly successful team of professionals dedicated to find your golden egg, that what makes your brand(s) and products unique and optimize your sales, prices and margin. Good value for money.

We are looking forward to meet you and get to know each other.
Can we develop business together?!