High quality brands and products, our focus!

We are dedicated professionals ready to boost brand recognition and sales


Our mission

We represent producers of good quality, innovative and delicious food.

We develop long-term relationships in a joined effort to realize mutual goals in EU markets: introduction, promotion, sales.

Who we are

Good Food is a multilingual, multicultural sales and marketing organization based in The Netherlands. The company has been established by four sales experts and a marketing specialist each with over 25 years of European sales and marketing experience.


Reasons for success

  1. We work most efficiently and effectively using 6 steps from brand awareness to re-sales.
  2. We have experience and knowledge of incoterms, banking, shipping, Q.A., international business development and international taxation rulings.
  3. Our know-how guarantees successful management of the entire sales process and product flow between the manufacturer and the end consumer.